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Student Page

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 Student Page 



Study Skills for Students



Study Island


Turn in your work here:



drop.io: simple private sharing

Search Engines 




Ask Yahoo!  Yahooligans 


Scratch Activities

  • Simple bat and ball game.
  • Dog and Crab - a simple game where one sprite chases another sprite or needs to avoid obstacles.
  • A drawing application.
  • Fish! - A more complex game involving scoring.


 Reading Activities


Chicken Coop - beginning sounds - K, 1  
   ABC Order - what letter comes next? - K
 Rats - help the rat catch letters - K  Word Builder - build words  - 1, 2


Super Why - find letters - K, spell words - 1  Word Girl - word games - 3-5
 Word World - word games - K-2 Fact/Opinion - 1-3
Readaquarium - K-5  Comic Strip Maker -2-5


Reading Ring - 2-5  Transport to Reading - 1-2
 Adjectives and Adverbs - 3-5  Grover's Make a Story - K-1
The Napping House I Can Read - K-1




Literacy Center Activities - PreK - K  Alphabet Action - PreK - K
 Little Fingers Games - Prek - 3  Little Animals Activity Center - K-1


Math Activities



Money, Money - using coins 1, 2  CyberChase - Math Games 1-5
 Math Skills - many games to practice  K-1  Count Us In - Number concepts PreK-1
 Telling Time - 1-2 Math Lingo - Bingo with math terms



Math - a - Rama  -  Math games by grade level  


Language and Grammar



Punctuation Paint Ball - add punctuation to sentences. Fairy Tales

Wordle - make a uniques poster with words.

Words that Mean the Same 
Wacky Web Tales - make a wacky story  Fun with Spot  - make a book, play a game
Noun Dunk - shoot basketball to identify nouns 2Bee or Nottoobee - identify verbs 
English Grammar Games   


Social Studies


Interactive United States - learn about states, rivers, Indian Tribes  

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