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Resources            Fun Activities for Learning       






 PBS Kids



Sesame Street 


Starfall.com, Where children have fun learning to read!



National Geographic Kids 







Just Books (Read Aloud)

Math Games  




ABC Mouse 



Weave Silk

Card Games





Mr.G's Music Link




Math Gallery 


Cool Math for Kids


  PRODIGY  A+Math 
  Fun Brain  Cool Math  

 Virtual Math Manipulatives


 Math Fact Games 

3-6 Math Games   Tivitz - Challenging Math Game   Create a Graph 
Multiplication Games  Math Mysteries  Hooda Math   
Math Dictionary       




Language Gallery



Spelling City

Game Goo 
Picture Dictionary - Enchanted Learning  Word Games - Merriam Webster   Poetry Fun!!   
Flocabulary  Mrs. P's Library    Kids Space writing
Raz Kids  Pup's Supper - online book  PicLits  Aesop's Fables 
Junie B. Jones  Word Family Sort  Chicken Stacker  Whirly-gig Machine 
Picture Match Story Starters Sentence Maker  
Leo Letters Spin and Spell  Sundance Tell a Story
Carnegie Story Maker Zimmer Twins Spell Checker  Storybird 
Storyline Online  Making Sentences

Read 180 





Social Studies Gallery



African American World  America's Story American Presidents

Geography Game 

 Ben Franklin's Page
Find the Spot Meet Me at Midnight - Smithsonian mystery  Abraham Lincoln
Gettysburg Address Africa for Kids  The Constitution 
Expedition Titanic DocsTeach - archival documents Dress the Role
George Washington's World Plimoth Plantation National Geographic Kids 



Science Gallery 


Kids' Biology

NASA Kids 

Switcheroo Zoo

 Earth Day Activities - for Kids 2-5

Earth Day Games K-2

The Great Plant Escape

Energy Hog Busters

Critter Corner 

Pup's Supper - online book

Strange Matter

Everyday Mysteries

NASA Kids' Club




 Kid's Astronomy Kinetic City - Science Fun Lizards and Snakes Alive! 

Human Body

Eek! Environmental Education for Children A Walk in the Woods 

Fantastic Contraptions

Electrocity - the Earth Friendly Game Biodiversity 


Ology - American Museum of Natural History BBC Science 
Engineering  Virtual Body 

Oceans and Tides



Art and Music Gallery


Art History Game National Gallery of Art- for kids  Learn About Art  San Francisco Symphony
Pintura: Art Detective  Incredible Art 

 Flow - Make a moving picture

Dallas Symphony 
 Smart Museum of Art  NY Philharmonic for Kids  Creating Music  Art Adventures 
Eye Spy Noisy Pictures  Color Matters  Classics for Kids
Aviary  MOMA -Museum of Modern Art Interactive Coloring Book Little Kids Rock 
Learning about Landscapes Sketch-fu Sand Drawings  


4th, 5th, 6th Grade Activities 


Math - Play Games Engaging Science Funschool   
Study Jams  Brain Bashers  Figure This   



Fun and Games


Goldburger to Go 

Carve a Pumpkin


Billy Bear's Fun and Games


Learning Box 



  Early Elementary Games - from England  
Salary Search  World of Care  
Play Kid GamesABC, Math, etc Recipes4Success 



Collaboration, Brainstorming and Technology


Dabbleboard  Glitterfly Graphics ClipArt 
My Webspiration  Bubbl.us  Thinking Myself 
PBS Webonauts - Online Safety  Glogster  ClipArt for Education 
Internet Public Library    




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